sean lotman




psychedelic humanism


the sniper paused so he could wipe his brow


middle life notes






Sunlanders, a play on the famous nickname, Land of the Rising Sun, comprises photographs taken over five years throughout the Japanese archipelago. The word “Sunlanders” suggests a tribal mindset, a separateness from others, but also of a belonging to a cosmic place. Through vivid colors and dreamy manifestations, I sought to convey not only a sense of timelessness, but of placelessness. This is a parallel universe, obviously Japanese, but not quite Japan either, a land that might exist between this world and the afterlife.

Comprises 48 handmade color darkroom prints.
Made into a book and published by Bemojake in September, 2016.
Signed editions with self-portraits are available.
Please contact me at or DM via Instagram.

Publisher: Bemojake